This family of bidirectional Optical Loss Test sets (OLTS) with optional length measurement, is perfect for medium to ultra-high fiber count loss & length testing up to 6 λ. A pair of compact instruments set new standards of productivity, accuracy, and ease of use.

Each fiber needs just one test hook-up and one key press for a complete bidirectional loss & length test, The same test method is used for both single-mode and multimode fiber, eliminating administration, training, and test errors. Testing is accurate and can take only 5 seconds, direct onto flexible standards-compliant Tier 1 certification reports. The Visitester option lights up the far end of the fiber to be tested.

Both instruments display length as well as bi-directional loss each end, in real time, with no need to specify master/slave instruments. A single instrument can also be used as a stand-alone light source & power meter, VFL, or tone generator / detector. 

  • 25% of the size / weight, 7x the battery life of competitors 
  • SM, MM, quad & other wavelengths
  • Bidirectional Autotest loss & length testing on one fiber
  • Real time Pass / Fail display
  • 8,000 fiber memory and USB key file dump
  • KITS™ reporting software
  • Autotest optical power meter, >25 λ, 1 % accuracy
  • Traceable calibration reports: power meter & linearity, source λ & stability
  • 80 hrs alkaline battery life
  • 3 Year warranty and calibration cycle
  • EF compliant multimode sources

Please enquire for other configurations to match your needs.


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